We have years of experience in Marketing and Advertising focused on the achievement of the communications objectives of its Institutions, Companies, Businesses, Projects, within the Fitness category.


We specialize in the development of communication strategies, corporate image, comprehensive advertising, from its conception, which involves the development of technical support, media plan and its implementation.

In addition to ATL campaigns (MASS ADVERTISING: TELEVISION, RADIO AND PRESS) and BTL (DIRECT ADVERTISING), we offer Services of Static Advertising, Graphic Design and Corporate Identity.

Everyone needs to run events and campaigns to make sure their supporters know what they’re doing and to keep their attention. Working with a variety of schemes and partners, marketing campaigns provide a vital source for recruiting new fans with the aim of keeping them long term.

Some fans respond to social media, others prefer more traditional options such as print or broadcast, whichever way you want to talk to your spectators we can help you do just that. We do everything we can to get to know you, your brand, your business, the fitness and the bodybuilding so we can create campaigns that will appeal exactly to the right people. Our businesses and brand development team can create the message, perfect the story you want to tell.

Promotions form an important role within fitness & bodybuilding as they provide essential financial support to the fitness and organisations involved. They offer the fans the opportunity to take part and support whilst providing benefits to the business through bringing fans and promoting their cause. With many types of promotions available it is important you have a strategy that maximises the potential for you and your business.

PR, how you communicate with your audience, whether it is the media, the fans, the general public, it is important the message you share conveys exactly what you want it to, how you want it to.

Our PRs have experience working with radio, T.V and the press with the contacts and skills to reach the right people.

Online and social media experts can create an online presence that will easily integrate with all marketing campaigns. Finally we can teach you how to make the most of the campaign with media and communications support and advice, so that you portray the professional image that you want.

Design is as key during promotion as the actual content and information you provide, initially grabbing the reader’s attention and making sure they know who you are and what you do. Posters, leaflets, tickets, merchandise … (the list is endless!) can all be designed to complement your brand and help spread the word to increase your fans and support.

A WEBSITE created specifically for you & your business will be set up, ready to use with the design incorporating branding and imagery representative of the organisation or sport.

The web plays a very important role in everyday life, whether it is to keep in contact, look up the latest news on your team or to buy their newest kit.

We Develop VIRTUAL STORE for our clients to sell online, Merchandise and Online multimedia content are some of the main ways that sports, fitness & bodybuilding bring in financial support.

With so many channels and so much to say – what and where to say it can be challenging for the best of us. Our expert knowledge in content marketing allows us to navigate your brand across the digital landscape, using research-backed strategies that successfully reach and engage your audiences in relevant, on going and on-brand conversation, leading to your ultimate goal of customer conversion.

Merchandising is a great way to increase a fitness team or events income and allows the supporters to own something associated, to show their loyalty. Fitness merchandising can be tailored to meet fan demand and ensure that the right products are available, with the designs created to match your fitness brand.


There are some basics that are essential in playing sport, one being that those involved have the right kit to play at the highest level possible and to look good whilst doing it.

Sports kit needs to be tailored according to the demands of each sport as well as have design that portrays the identity of those wearing it, our design team can provide a bespoke design that can be applied across all apparel that ensures a professional appearance.


Sometimes the best way to showcase an event ot a product is to show it being used, an action shot or promotional video, after all if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has to be up there as well.

Our video development team are media experts and have created some impressive videos that portray the beauty of fitness, the passion involved and show off all the benefits. The understanding of a product can be simply put across in film that will persuade and convert everyone to a fan.


Great photography is also important for your promotions, for your fans posters, for the programmes that entice the fans to you with a consistent professional image for you.

Whether you’re looking to update your personal fitness portfolio, wanting to capture that post-competition conditioning or needing to document your transformation journey, this is the fitness shoot for you! Using advanced lighting techniques to create some truly dynamic photography to capture your physique as you’ve never seen it before.


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