We produce videos and photographic projects promoting companies, products, events and people in the field of Fitness.

We are a multimedia production company dedicated to the efficient creation of impactful images and videos that will communicate, advertise and educate. Our integrated and comprehensive approach relies on the latest technology to achieve our clients’ needs and goals.

Our consolidated and experienced team is adept at scriptwriting, production, direction, editing and postproduction.

Our products are easily adapted to media broadcasting, web hosting, intranet, multimedia presentations, representation in stands and fairs, and more.

Online Productions

Photographic Productions:

* Products

* Catalogs

* Advertising

* Graphic Campaigns

* Fitness and Athlete Photography:

* Exclusive Photo Session with Photographer MIKE SAMA (www.MikeSama.com)

* Video Productions:

* Pre-Production

* Logistics and Filming

* Post Production and Editing



When watching she photographer will be your guide.

Great photography is also important for your promotions, for your fans posters, for the programmes that entice the fans to you with a consistent professional image for you.


Sometimes the best way to showcase an event ot a product is to show it being used, an action shot or promotional video, after all if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has to be up there as well.

Our video development team are media experts and have created some impressive videos that portray the beauty of fitness, the passion involved and show off all the benefits. The understanding of a product can be simply put across in film that will persuade and convert everyone to a fan.

For Media, Projects, Casting, Sponsorship & Marketing Enquiries please email us to: